5 Common Questions About Sump Pump Discharges

We sometimes get client questions about sump pump discharges so we thought it may be of use to write an article to answer the most frequently asked questions in that regard.

How Can Innovations in Plumbing Make Your Life Better?

It’s said that modern plumbing has saved more lives than in the entire history of the medical industry. A pretty bold claim if we do say so ourselves.

Cleaning a Drain Pipe – Nothin’ To It, Right?

If you’ve owned a home you’ve probably had a plugged drain of some sort.  Sometimes it’s an easy fix like plunging a toilet or clearing some debris off an outside walkway drain. Other times it’ gets a little trickier like when the plunger just doesn’t seem to work or you can’t see a visible clog […]

quarantee vs warranty

Guarantee or Warranty – Why Does It Matter?

In Schererville, our home town, when you purchase anything from a new car to a new faucet, you may not be thinking about the technical aspects of the coverage you are going to get if you find a defect in the future. If you’re like most people, you think “guarantee” and “warranty” are interchangeable terms. […]

emergency plumbing

What Constitutes Emergency Plumbing in a Town Like Dyer, IN?

Sometimes you have a plumbing emergency.  There’s no doubt about that. But other times, in the heat of the moment, it feels like a plumbing emergency, but it’s really not. If it’s not an immediate emergency it should not be treated as such. After all you don’t want to spend money on after hours service […]