why are plumbers expensive

Why are Plumbers So Expensive?

The short answer is – sometimes plumbers are not expensive – sometimes plumbers are expensive.  That is – when you are talking strictly in dollar terms. But what you will usually find is that the old business adage “You get what you pay for” holds true in this industry just as in so many others. […]

best hot water heater

How to Choose the Best Hot Water Heater for Your Family

Believe it or not, choosing the best hot water heater for your family is a very personal choice. Because we are all humans and we all tend to project our preferences, beliefs and values onto others, we tend to think choosing such things as water heaters would result in a pretty standard result.  “Of course […]

Why is the Garbage Disposal Leaking?

Before you replace the leaking garbage disposal, determine if the leak can be repaired by investigating these 5 areas. Or call us to repair it for you!

qualified plumber

How Do You Know If Your Plumber Is Qualified?

Top 3 things to look for to make sure your plumber is qualified.

5 Common Questions About Sump Pump Discharges

We sometimes get client questions about sump pump discharges so we thought it may be of use to write an article to answer the most frequently asked questions in that regard.