Plumbing FAQ

Yes! Plumbing Pump vs. Zoeller Pump

Zoeller is a very well know hardware store trademarked brand of pump.  At first glance, it looks pretty good, feels heavy, and is definitely a better pump than the run of the mill cheapo plastic throw away pump for which is designed to compete.   Whether we need a sump pump or ejector pump, the […]

So You Want a Plumbing Quote Over the Phone – Careful What You Ask For!

Something happened to your plumbing system. The water heater is out or leaking, the toilet is plugged, the shower faucet is dripping or a pump is humming (or not). So you think “Well I don’t have any idea what this is going to cost so I’m going to call around and get some estimates, and […]

Bio-Clean on Discovery Channel!

Bio-Clean Will be Featured on Discovery Channel! What exactly is Bio-Clean? It’s an amazing product! You can say, “Goodbye!” to future clogs & drain problems. From the Bio-Clean website: “Bio-Clean is a proprietary formula containing natural bacteria and enzymes that biodegrades the organic waste that would otherwise cause problems in drain-waste systems. It removes the […]