Why Your Water Heater Runs Out of Hot Water Quickly

There is arguably almost nothing worse than climbing into the tub or shower only to find that you are getting only luke warm or cold water as a result of a broken or malfunctioning water heater.  When the water is luke warm, you might jump in quick hoping to beat the clock by getting a […]

What to Do If You Smell a Gas Leak

Gas is nothing to mess around with.  That’s why your gas supplier adds a very strong odor enhancer to your natural gas and propane to insure you can detect a leak before it’s too late. Here’s what to do if you smell gas.   1) Call the Gas Supplier If using a cell phone, go outdoors […]

How Do You Know If Your Plumber Is Qualified?

At Yes! Plumbing, it’s considered part of our mission to educate our clients so that, even if they aren’t using us today, they will know what to ask for from a plumber to make sure he is qualified and working legally. Did you know that almost 90% of people exceed the posted speed limit on […]

A Simple Trick to Save Water, Money & Time!

Here are the simple facts.  According to Contractor Magazine, the average homeowner spends 5 minutes a day waiting for hot water at the shower and sinks in the home. If you multiply that out, that’s 30 hours a year wasted waiting for hot water. What could you do with an extra 30 hours a year? […]

Why is the Garbage Disposal Leaking?

When you see water dripping off the bottom of the garbage disposer you may think that it has to be replaced.  But that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes the leak can be repaired.  The first step to making the repair/replace decision is to determine from where the leak is coming.  Garbage disposer leaks usually come from […]