Why is the Garbage Disposal Leaking?

When you see water dripping off the bottom of the garbage disposer you may think that it has to be replaced.  But that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes the leak can be repaired.  The first step to making the repair/replace decision is to determine from where the leak is coming.  Garbage disposer leaks usually come from […]

Should You Unplug That Sewer Yourself?

You can save up to 1,200 bucks or more rodding your main sewer yourself.  Problem is, you can also cost yourself thousands more and create potential life hazards in the process. Few untrained hearty souls will take that leap into the world of bio pathogens and unknown contaminants known as sewer rodding or drain cleaning. […]

Yes! Plumbing Pump vs. Zoeller Pump

Zoeller is a very well know hardware store trademarked brand of pump.  At first glance, it looks pretty good, feels heavy, and is definitely a better pump than the run of the mill cheapo plastic throw away pump for which is designed to compete.   Whether we need a sump pump or ejector pump, the […]

Giving Back to Our Community in Northwest Indiana

At Yes! Plumbing we feel it is critical to be part of our community and to give back. Yes! Plumbing has come up with a way to help our community organizations with a painless way to generate cold, hard cash to help them accomplish their goals. Nothing is more difficult for our community organizations to […]

Replacing your Kitchen Sink Faucet

NOTE:  This article pertains only to deck mounted (horizontally) faucets! Ever wake up one morning and go to the kitchen only to come to the sudden realization that that old kitchen sink faucet really does look old and ratty? “How did that happen while I was sleeping?”  you wonder. Or maybe it’s just leaking (again) and […]