do all houses have sump pumps

Do All Houses Have Sump Pumps?

Not all houses have sump pumps. This guide will help you determine if your house has a sump pump.

common plumbing problems-min

What are the 3 Most Common Plumbing Problems in the Household?

Here’s a list in no particular order identifying what the common problems are and how to recognize them before they become a disastrous emergency.

Coronavirus: How We’re Responding & Serving Your Needs

Plumbing companies have been declared essential services by the various government agencies in our market area.

sump pumps necessary

Are Sump Pumps Necessary?

The short answer is “Yes and No”.  The reason for the answer is a little more complex. The function of a sump pump is to collect ground water and/or rain water from around the foundation of your home and remove it so that the foundation is not undermined.  If water gets under the foundation, it […]

install a sump pump

How to Install a Sump Pump?

Take out the broken pump. Buy a pump. Put it in where the old one was. Simple, right? Wait a tick—-not so fast.  There are many steps missing from this short “instruction” sheet. Let’s start over.  We’d like to provide a step by step instruction with appropriate pictures so that anyone who is so inclined […]