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Here are a few items you should know about all water heaters, regardless of if they are tankless water heaters or tank-type water heaters. While a working hot water heater is a necessity for every home, not all water heaters are created equal. 

You shouldn’t have to put up with long wait times for hot water or inconsistent delivery. And you should NEVER run out of hot water. At Yes! Plumbing we pride ourselves on being able to provide each homeowner with the unique solution that is right for their family. 

You can have a high quality water heater designed to meet the demands of your home installed for a reasonable price in a very short period of time. The latest hot water heater models are more energy efficient and quite effective at providing your entire house with hot water when you need it – provided they are sized, installed and maintained properly. 

Our expert technicians will be happy to provide maintenance for the life of your water heater, extending its useful life by many years. 

We know you need to have an expert plumber on your side that can guide you through the new hot water heater selection process and help you make an informed decision about which model is best for your family. Yes! Plumbing can install tankless water heaters and install or repair water heaters of any kind. 

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Why Is the Water Not Hot Enough?

If your water is not getting hot enough, there are several possible causes:

  • Water Heater Issues: The water heater itself might be malfunctioning. Common problems include a broken heating element, a faulty thermostat, or an extinguished pilot light in gas heaters.
  • Thermostat Settings: The thermostat on your water heater may be set too low. Make sure to check and adjust the settings to your desired temperature.
  • Sediment Build-Up: Over time, sediment can accumulate in the tank, particularly in areas with hard water. This build-up can insulate the water from the heating elements, reducing the heater's effectiveness.
  • Inadequate Heater Size: Your water heater might be too small for your household's needs, causing it to run out of hot water quickly. If the demand for hot water exceeds the heater’s capacity, the water temperature may drop.
  • Poor Insulation: Insufficient insulation of the water heater or the hot water pipes can lead to heat loss, resulting in cooler water by the time it reaches the tap.
  • High Hot Water Demand: There might be an unusually high demand for hot water, which exceeds the capacity of the water heater. Activities like running multiple showers, the dishwasher, and the washing machine simultaneously can quickly deplete the hot water supply.
  • Long Distance from Heater: If the hot water has to travel a long distance through pipes to reach the tap, it can cool down significantly, especially if the pipes are not well-insulated.
  • Valve Problems: Issues with check valves or mixing valves can also lead to inadequate hot water. These valves may need to be inspected, adjusted, or replaced.

To address these issues, you can start by adjusting the thermostat, flushing the tank to remove sediment, improving insulation, or considering a larger or more efficient water heater if demand is high. If these steps do not resolve the problem, it may be best to consult a professional plumber or technician.


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Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

Water heaters come in two basic styles—tank storage types and tankless types. One of the most important and challenging aspects of picking out a water heater is making sure the one you choose is the right size and type for your household. 

In order to do this, you will need to have a good estimate of how much hot water you use on a regular basis, how much you are willing to pay to store hot water, and what kind money you can make by taking advantage of Gas Utility Company incentives and Federal Tax incentives.

Calculating your household hot water demand can certainly be a challenge. That is why having the assistance of an experienced professional can make such a difference. 

Our experts will help you figure out just how much hot water you need at peak times in your household and what the lowest cost installation will be. With that information, you will be able to select the right size and type of water heater to suit your needs.

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How Do I Know if It Is Time to Replace My Water Heater?

You should consider replacing your water heater if you have noticed persistent problems with getting hot water when and where you need it or if you are calling for repairs on a regular basis. Even if this is not the case, however, you may still want to replace your water heater if your current unit is more than 10 years old. 

This is about the average lifespan of a water heater anyway, and a model this old is likely much less energy efficient than the ones on the market today, meaning you’re spending more on monthly energy bills than you need to.

Your Water Heater Installation

We will take care of removing your old water heater and we can have your new one in place in no time. Whether you opt for a traditional tank style or a tankless water heater, our Factory Certified Plumbers insure expert installation at a reasonable cost.

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Service After the Sale

Keeping your water heater properly maintained is vital to ensuring that it will serve you well for many years to come. Yes! Plumbing offers full factory certified water heater maintenance services in our service area. (see our service area map here). And if you do find yourself in need of emergency repairs, we can take care of that as well. YES! has service available 24/7, 365 days a year. Whatever your water heater service needs, call us today and we’ll have a State Licensed Plumber there before you know it.

In addition to installation services, Yes! Plumbing also offers complete water heater maintenance and repair to customers in our service area. Even if we did not handle your initial water heater installation, we would be glad to take over the routine maintenance of your system or to provide any plumbing repair services you may need. Having a reliable water heater in your home can make many aspects of your life easier. And many newer water heater models are quite energy efficient. But even though you have a great product in place, that does not mean that you cannot take some steps on your own to help your water heater work better and last longer.

Warranty vs. Guarantee

Depending on the company doing the installation, water heaters come with either a guarantee, or a warranty.


Generally a warranty contains exceptions and exclusions. For instance, a 6 year warranty may cover labor for 30 days, parts for 12 months and the tank for 6 years. So if your thermopile malfunctions after 13 months, you pay for the parts and labor just as if the heater had no warranty at all.


A Guarantee, on the other hand, provides full coverage for the entire period of the guarantee. For instance, in the example above, if the thermopile went out 13 months (or 6 years) after installation, the repair would be absolutely free.

At Yes! Plumbing , all of our heaters are manufactured to exacting specifications. This allows us to provide unrivaled guarantees of your choice. Choose 6, 8, 10 or lifetime guarantees on our tank type heaters. We give a full 3 year guarantee on our tankless heaters, as well as 5 years on the heat exchangers. Whatever style of heater you choose, be sure the installing contractor gives you a copy of the warranty or guarantee in writing.

Tank Type Water Heaters

One important element to consider when examining your tank water heater options is how large of a tank you need. Tank water heaters maintain a reserve supply of hot water that you can then tap into when you need hot water for something anywhere in your home. Because of this dynamic, the size of the tank your water heater has will directly affect how much hot water you can use at a time.

A tank that is too small will be empty before you have satisfied your hot water needs. To pick the right sized tank, you must know the maximum amount of hot water your family will use at any given time. But that does not mean that you should just pick the biggest tank either. The larger the tank, the more expensive the water heater—you don’t want to spend more than you need to.

And the initial cost of the unit is not the only thing you need to worry about. Keep in mind that the water heater will be using fuel to keep the water in the tank at the right temperature at all times. If you have a larger tank, your water heater will need more energy to keep the water hot. So the expense of having a larger tank does not stop at installation. Your best bet is to work with a professional to determine exactly how much hot water your household uses on a regular basis and at peak times. Then you can make an informed decision about which type of tank water heater is right for you.

Tank Water Heater Energy Efficiency

You should also pay attention to the respective energy efficiency ratings of the tank water heaters you are considering. Most modern models are somewhat energy efficient, but a few are Energy Star rated, meaning that exceed or meet a high efficiency rating designated by the Federal Government, and it’s worth paying attention to the ratings because it can help you save more money.

Yes! Plumbing offers a great line up of quality tank water heaters for you to choose from. We can help you examine your options to find the best product, and we provide full hot water heater installation, maintenance and repair services.

Tankless Water Heaters

Upgrade your home's hot water system with the advanced technology of tankless water heaters, available at Yes! Plumbing. Experience the benefits of these innovative units that provide efficient, on-demand hot water to meet your household's needs.

The advantages of tankless water heaters include:

  • Efficiency and Savings: Tankless water heaters heat water only when it's needed, eliminating the energy waste associated with traditional tank-style heaters. Enjoy lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact while enjoying a continuous supply of hot water.
  • Endless Hot Water: Bid farewell to cold showers and waiting for the water to heat up. Tankless water heaters ensure a constant flow of hot water, regardless of how many showers or appliances are in use simultaneously.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: Tankless units have a compact design, freeing up valuable space in your home. Whether you're dealing with a tight utility room or looking to maximize space, tankless water heaters are the perfect fit.
  • Extended Lifespan: Invest in a long-term solution for your hot water needs. Tankless water heaters often outlast traditional tank-style units, providing reliable performance for years to come.
  • Customized Comfort: Enjoy precise temperature control with tankless water heaters. Set your desired water temperature and experience consistent warmth for every shower and household chore.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Without a storage tank, the risk of rust and sediment buildup is eliminated. This means less maintenance and improved water quality.
  • Environmentally Friendly: With their energy-efficient operation, tankless water heaters contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Make an environmentally responsible choice while enjoying superior comfort.

At Yes! Plumbing, we specialize in installing, maintaining, and servicing tankless water heaters. Our expert technicians will help you choose the right unit for your home, ensuring your family's comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind. Upgrade to the convenience and efficiency of tankless water heaters today by contacting Yes! Plumbing for expert guidance and installation.

Turn the Temperature Down

It is a good idea to turn down the thermostat on your water heater to around 120°F. This is a safety item as well as an efficiency item. This is plenty hot enough to provide you with comfortable hot water and it will cost you significantly less each month to maintain your supply of hot water at this level. Reducing the temperature of the water in the tank will also mean your water heater does not have to work as hard to keep the water hot, and so it will stay in better shape for longer.

Water Heater Sediment Removal

It is common for sediment to build up in the bottom of your water heater tank over time. Manufacturers all recommend that you flush your tank type water heater every 6 months to maintain efficiency and prevent premature burnout. Fortunately, getting rid of this sediment is relatively easy. You can have a professional come out and take care of it or you can do it yourself.

To clear the sediment from your water heater, simply drain the tank, taking great care to follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedure exactly. Most of the sediment should come out with the water, and once the tank is empty you can go in and make sure that everything is cleared out. As long as you do this at least twice a year, and with properly treated water, you should have no problems with sediment build up in the future.

Stay Away from Electric Water Heaters!

While you can use just about any energy source to heat the hot water in your home, your best bet is to stay away from electric water heaters. No matter what your other options are, electricity will almost always cost significantly more if you depend on it to provide hot water for your entire home. So if you do not have access to natural gas in your area, you may want to look into propane as a power source for your water heater.

Can I Install a Tank Type Water Heater Myself?

While it is true that tank type water heaters are not a particularly complicated piece of equipment, it is not a good idea to try and install one on your own. Proper water heater installation requires knowledge of local building codes and the ability to attach your unit safely to the appropriate heat source. And if you have your water heater installed by an installer such as Yes! Plumbing, your old heater will be hauled out and disposed of at no charge.

How Often Does My Water Heater Need to Be Serviced?

Just like any other piece of equipment in your home, your water heater will benefit from regular maintenance visits. Make sure to have a professional come out twice a year to inspect your system and make any necessary adjustments or repairs, and to inspect/test the safety features and flush any built up sediment. This type of service will help your water heater last longer and maintain its original energy efficiency throughout its life.

Different types of water heaters come with different recommendations for the frequency of service they require. In general, though, a traditional tank water heater should be serviced about twice a year.

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