Bathroom Remodeling in Illinois and Indiana


We’ve all heard the horror stories of remodeling projects gone bad, of deposits taken and no work being done, of good money paid for substandard work. So how do you know who you can trust?

Our owner, after becoming REALLY disgusted with the quality of work he has seen done in some of our clients’ homes, (work for which they paid good money) decided to do something about the state of affairs in this industry and authored a booklet entitled “The Six Secrets to Successful Remodeling, (the report “Fly by Night” Contractors Hope You’ll Never See)”.

He has made this report available to anybody who wants it absolutely free of charge. He’ll even pay postage and handling. Why? Because we all have enough problems without falling prey to one of these scam artists. Just fill out the form at this link and we’ll send you the booklet you have to have if you want to insure you are not the next victim of one of these unscrupulous guys.

At Yes! we understand that the bathroom is no longer a utilitarian space. While it serves a functional purpose, the bath is also a retreat and personal zone designed to insure comfort and relaxation.

A makeover by Yes! Premier Bathroom Remodeling can bring your sense of the home’s elegance and style into your bathroom. The results can transform how you think about and use this space.

At Yes! Premier Bathroom Remodeling quality workmanship shines thru. Yes! combines luxury finishes, fixtures, cabinetry and workmanship to create the perfect experience. Our designer can work with as much or as little of your existing space and material as you like.

Let Yes! Premier Bathroom Remodeling start from scratch with a brand new space or completely renovate your existing space to create the warm feeling your family deserves.

Also, we Accept Cash or: