What exactly is Bio-Clean? It’s an amazing product! You can say, “Goodbye!” to future clogs & drain problems. From the Bio-Clean website:

“Bio-Clean is a proprietary formula containing natural bacteria and enzymes that biodegrades the organic waste that would otherwise cause problems in drain-waste systems. It removes the buildup that hazardous liquid drain openers leave behind, yet is safe for pipes and fixtures.”

What does that mean? It means that with regular use, you should never have any problems with your drains being clogged or backing up due to organic material such as waste, roots, toilet paper, or the like. Bio-Clean “eats” it and keeps your drains clear. It’s organic & very safe. Many people know, but some don’t: A clogged drain can be inexpensive to unclog, but it could hint at a much larger problem, such as a sagging sewer main, overgrown roots in your system, or a large, unseen clog near the street next to your house. This can cost upwards of $20,000 if not properly taken care of!

The good news is that Yes! Plumbing offers quick and effective drain cleaning and sewer rodding service, plus we are an authorized service provider of Bio-Clean. You can’t buy Bio-Clean in stores, but we can set you up on a subscription plan that will protect your home and your drains from intrusive organic matter that can cost thousands of dollars to repair! It’s very affordable. Call us today¬†(708) 847-7045 to learn more.

To learn more about Bio-Clean, click here for the press release about the feature on Discover Channel.

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