Lots of ads have been popping up on the internet search engines lately which claim they will rod your clogged drain for $99.00.  When you see these ads it’s a good idea to remember the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Because Yes! Plumbing of Chicagoland is a member of one of the standard-setting groups of plumbing contractors in the United States and Canada,  we know that the idea of marketing drain cleaning services for $99.00 is an advertising campaign concocted by another group who will remain nameless in this article.  We won’t pass judgment on this program but will just present the facts and let the reader be the judge as to its ethicality.

Here’s the program in a nutshell.  The advertising sewer rodding company places ad copy on the major search engines saying “Sewer Rodding for 99.00” or something to that effect.  They actually do send out a rodding crew and make an attempt at rodding the sewer.  Successful or not, the rodding crew tells you that are “very concerned” about what they believe may be a serious problem in your sewer and as a courtesy would like to send out their camera guy (for free of course) to take a firsthand look at the sewer problem.   The camera guy is a professional salesman trained to use a sewer camera.  His job is to find the cause of your blockage and sell you a sewer repair on the spot.  He is called out on every single rodding call. Do you really want a sales person at your home, or a drain cleaning, professionally trained plumber?

At Yes! Plumbing we utilize a different procedure.  There is no baiting with a lowball price.  We charge a fair price for sewer rodding because we arrive with the full intention of rodding your sewer, not digging it up.  More than 98% of the time, we are able to open the sewer without digging.  If we do find a problem that needs attention, our trucks are fully equipped with cameras and locating equipment so there will be no guessing about what needs to be done. And, if a sewer repair is necessary, we apply a large percentage of the cost of rodding to the cost of the sewer repair.  We also have alternative solutions for root problems which can help avoid costly digging.  And when there is no other solution, our sewer repair crew is highly trained and professional, making us your one stop shop for drain cleaning & sewer rodding or sewer repair needs.

Remember, there are things you can do to check the reputation of your drain cleaning company. Make sure they are licensed, background-checked, and drug tested, for one. Also, make sure they provide good warranties (708) 847-7045.

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