At Yes! Plumbing we feel it is critical to be part of our community and to give back.

Yes! Plumbing has come up with a way to help our community organizations with a painless way to generate cold, hard cash to help them accomplish their goals.

Nothing is more difficult for our community organizations to do than raise much needed money to fund the worthwhile causes that each of these organizations perform.  Trouble is, it seems like these days everybody has their hand out and people are just really having a hard time deciding to whom they will donate. And that’s making it extremely difficult for all worthy organizations to raise much needed funds to support their activities and needs.

Here’s an easy solution that takes little or no effort on your part, and it’s available to qualified organizations like Churches, Schools, PTA’s , Athletic organizations and others in our market area.

Sound too good to be true?  Check this out:

Every organization has members who own homes and other properties.  It’s not a question of “if” they are at some point in the future going to need a plumber, it’s really a matter of “when”.  So given that folks are going to be using a plumber anyway, Yes! Plumbing gives them an opportunity help their favorite organizations when they have any plumbing needs (708) 847-7045.

Every time we do work for a member of your qualified organization, we make a donation to your organization of a percentage of our service invoice.  Simply for having us do something that the member was going to have done anyway.  No brainer, right?

So if you are a member of our community in Northwest Indiana, and you’d like to see your organization receive “mailbox money” every time one of your members has a service performed they were going to have done anyway, give us a call now to see if your organization qualifies for this program. 

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