Most people find out they have frozen pipes by turning on the faucet in the morning only to find that no water comes out.  Other folks find out when the next thaw comes and that burst pipe lets water start flowing into the house.

While a frozen pipe scenario is serious, don’t panic.  

If you experience the type of freeze where no water is coming out of a faucet, the first thing you should do is introduce some heat to the pipes near the affected fixture.  If a lavatory cabinet below the faucet, open the doors of the cabinet to let warm air in.  Position a space heater a safe distance from the cabinet to move warm air into the space. If the frozen section of pipe is behind the wall it will thaw out shortly.  But time is your enemy.  The longer it stays frozen, the “harder” the freeze will be and the more likely you will have a burst pipe.  

If there is an unheated area under the faucet like a crawlspace or basement, get some heat in there as quickly and safely as possible.

One caveat—–NEVER use a torch or open flame to try to thaw pipes.  Many homes across the country have burned to the ground from this one mistake.

If your attempts are unsuccessful, give us a call (708) 847-7045 at Yes! Plumbing. We have professional thawing equipment and can take care of any burst or frozen lines for you in short order.  As always, our Premium Maintenance Club members get first priority for emergency plumbing service.

Read our other articles for tips on how to keep freeze ups from occurring in the first place.

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