Hands down there’s probably no worse feeling than waking up to find a problem with the plastic plumbing pipes serving your bathroom or kitchen drains.  

Whether it’s leaking bathroom drains or plastic plumbing pipes, or your bathroom drains are clogged and you have a sewage backup, that sinking feeling you get is usually immediate and worrisome.

Fortunately, in Dyer and other nearby communities in the Illiana region, you can have your home or business up and running again in no time.  

Both of these situations are best left to professional for a couple of reasons.  

If you have leaky bathroom drains or plastic plumbing pipes, the leak must be repaired according to local plumbing codes and according to the manufacturer’s specific instructions.  

In Dyer (and Indiana), State Licensed Master Plumbers have the training and experience to correctly repair and install plastic plumbing pipes, and correct leaky bathroom drains.

Plastic Plumbing Pipes

There are about 7 different types of plastic plumbing pipes available in the Dyer area and your State Licensed Master Plumber has the know-how to identify the particular type used in your home or business.  

Each type of plastic plumbing pipe has its own characteristics, with specific installation requirements including correct solvent welding materials, pipe preparation requirements and pipe support requirements.

Use the wrong solvent, forget the primer, improperly prepare the pipe, etc. and your project will surely not function as you intended and your bathroom drain problem will be exacerbated, making for an even more frustrating and costly repair.

Why Use a Plumbing Company

In the case of plugged or clogged bathroom drains or plastic plumbing pipes, the main hazards are damage to the pipes while clearing the clog, and the health hazards involved when working with pipes that carry human waste in one form or another.  

Yes! Plumbing is prepared to deal with clogged bathroom drains in Dyer. We have the protective equipment necessary to protect your property from contamination as well as the proper drain cleaning equipment which is strong enough to clear the drain without damaging properly installed bathroom drains and plastic plumbing.  

Excellent service companies such as Yes! will carry up to 4 different sizes and types of bathroom drain rods on their trucks and have the experience and training to choose the proper equipment to use on each type of plastic, copper or steel plumbing pipe clog they run into.

So when you need a plumbing contractor in Dyer, how do you choose the right one?

First, don’t choose a plumbing company that just does new construction and does service as a “sideline”. You want a service plumbing company like Yes! Plumbing (sorry for the bias, but Yes! is great) that strictly is set up to service residential and light commercial plumbing.  

You want that company to have all the common parts and equipment on their trucks needed to service bathroom drains, plastic plumbing and plumbing vents, as well as the tools and employees who are experienced in service work related to clogged bathroom drains, leaking plastic plumbing and sewer gas smells from plumbing vents.  

Companies who perform new construction are usually great at new construction but have little or no experience nor the diagnostic skills properly solve the problems that arise after the bathroom drain or plumbing pipe system has experienced years of use.

If you live in Dyer, and your bathroom drains are clogged or leaking, your plastic plumbing pipes have an issue, or you suspect a plumbing vent problem, give Yes! Plumbing a call and we’ll have a State Licensed Master Plumber at your door, usually the same day.  

Operators answer our phones live 24 hours a day. It will be our pleasure to be of service! (708) 847-7045

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