It’s said that modern plumbing has saved more lives than in the entire history of the medical industry.  A pretty bold claim if we do say so ourselves.  

As state licensed plumbers, we understand exactly how that true claim came to be and how safe and proper plumbing, from the hospital to the home, continues to protect the health of the nation.

In the last few years, while the main focus of the industry continues to be the health of our communities like Schererville, Munster and Dyer, the industry also has been focusing on some really cool innovations that will make our lives safer and easier.

Here are just a couple:

Backup sump pump

One of these is a water powered backup sump pump.  Almost everybody has heard of battery powered backup pumps.

They are a great product but they do have limitations.  Most depend on sophisticated electronics and mechanical switches to function. Those can fail.

Then of course there’s the limited life of the battery.  Water powered backup pumps use city water (not suitable for private well water) and never run out of “power”.

As long as the water is flowing from the city main to your home, these pumps will continue to pump water out of your basement for days if necessary.  Talk about peace of mind.  

Sensor operated faucet

Next is the sensor operated faucet.  This facet utilizes batteries lasting years at a time or low voltage electricity to operate an infrared sensor and a solenoid making them truly “touchless”. 

While well accepted in commercial applications already, they are now available for your home and provide a truly fool proof way to prevent the spread of cold viruses throughout the family.  (You can’t pick up a cold virus from somebody who just washed their hands if they never touched the faucet handle!)

As with all innovations, there are some products that work well and some that, well, just fall flat. 

You can trust Yes! Plumbing to do the research for you and provide the best of the innovative products on the market, backed by our industry leading 2 year guarantee.  Give us a call (708) 847-7045 anytime to speak with a live agent 24/7.

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