In Schererville, our home town, when you purchase anything from a new car to a new faucet, you may not be thinking about the technical aspects of the coverage you are going to get if you find a defect in the future.

If you’re like most people, you think “guarantee” and “warranty” are interchangeable terms.

That’s simply not the case.  Here’s the difference in a nutshell:

When your coverage is called a warranty, that is because it has been modified, codified and altered to insure that the issuer is legally protected from performing non-covered repairs at no cost while placing the warranty in the best of light so that it sounds great.  

When you have a guarantee the issuer is not allowed to modify the terms for any reason during the term of the guarantee (except you are still responsible to do normal maintenance).

Here are a few examples:  

You have a new faucet installed by a nameless competitor of ours and it carries a 2 year warranty.  It starts leaking after 2 months and you think “Great!  Glad I have coverage for 2 years!”.

Your plumber comes out, fixes the faucet, and hands you a bill for a couple hundred bucks.  “What’s this?” you ask, rightly just a little more than upset that you are having to pay to fix a faucet you just paid good money for just 2 months earlier.  

“Oh” he replies with a smile. “Yeah it’s two years on the parts but only 30 days on labor. You can’t expect us to cover some manufacturer’s defect can you?”  

You reply, “But when I bought the faucet they told me it had a two year warranty!!!” He pulls out a copy of the written warranty and says “See, right down here in the small print it says 30 days on all labor, 2 years on parts defects.”

 And he’s right. It’s perfectly legal to call that a 2 year warranty, even though it’s probably as worthless as the paper it’s written on.

In the second example you purchase the same type of faucet only this time you get it from Yes! Plumbing.  Your faucet now carries our industry leading 100% 2 year guarantee.

1 year, 11 months and 29 days after installation, your faucet starts dripping.  You call your friendly Yes! Plumbing plumber who arrives at your Schererville home at the appointed time, repairs the leaking faucet and gives you a new folder for all your paperwork.  

He says “Thanks for the opportunity to be of service.” There is absolutely no charge for this service because you have a guarantee, not a warranty.

Heck, with Yes! Plumbing if you are a member of the Premium Maintenance Club we even do the required normal maintenance for free.

After over 25 years of industry leading guarantees, Yes! Plumbing’s guarantee is still unmatched by far throughout our market.  Give us a call (708) 847-7045 to get your plumbing repairs done with the same industry leading guarantee attached.

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