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The short answer is “Yes and No”.  The reason for the answer is a little more complex.

The function of a sump pump is to collect ground water and/or rain water from around the foundation of your home and remove it so that the foundation is not undermined. 

If water gets under the foundation, it can soften the soil causing the foundation to sink and basement walls to crack and leak.

This can also cause structural problems in the building which sits on the foundation.

Homes with no basement or crawlspace, usually called “slab” homes, do not require sump pump systems because when the land is properly pitched, rain water is routed around and away from the home, so does not cause a problem with the foundation of the home.

When the home is being built, the excavation has to be evaluated to determine if the groundwater table in the wettest season is high enough to be a problem.  If it is, a sump pump should be installed.

Next, if engineering considerations determine that rainwater infiltration could be a problem in the future, then a sump pump will need to be put in.

We’ve seen homes that were built in the past without sump pumps that really should have had sump pumps in them. 

Foundation leaks, water coming up through the basement or crawlspace floor or water infiltration during a heavy rain are all indications of the need for or a problem with the sump system. 

It’s always important to make sure that the discharge pipe that is connected to your sump pump is routed to the proper area to prevent recirculation of the groundwater back into the sump system. 

This is best determined by your licensed plumber who can quickly evaluate the system to see if you have this or any other issues which may cause premature pump failure and flooding in your basement or crawlspace.

One consideration that should be foremost in the homeowner’s mind if there is a sump system in the home, is the quality of the pump.

There is much that depends on the quality and capacity of that pump so making sure you have the best quality you can afford is very important. 

At Yes! Plumbing we offer Budget, Standard, Premium and Super Marine sump pumps, all of which meet our demanding quality requirements and all of which are protected by our 3 to 10 year labor and material guarantees to insure our clients have the peace of mind they want and deserve.

Give us a call (708) 847-7045 for an evaluation of your system!

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