Sewer Replacement & Sewer Repair in Illinois and Indiana

Sewer Repair & Sewer Line Replacement – Which One?

Most drain and sewer repair crew(s) consist of young people with strong backs and an ambition to gain a foothold or starting point in the plumbing industry. Sometimes prices offered for rodding are “loss leaders” since the inexperience of the personnel allows the contractor to pay rock bottom wages.  Many times this low cost service is offered as a stepping stone to the old “Bait and Switch” in which the drain cleaning crew informs almost all the “marks” (customers) that their sewer is “seriously compromised” and they are so concerned that they are going to send out the “Camera Crew” at no charge to give the “mark” a free video of their sewer.  Of course, the “Camera Crew” is a professional salesman whose intention is to sell you an expensive sewer repair or sewer replacement, sometimes needed, sometimes not.

At Yes! Plumbing, you can be assured that the technician we send to your home to take of your main line sewer or branch drain is a State Licensed Plumber, not a youngster cutting his teeth on the sewer rodding crew.  You’ll have the same professional through the entire process, not separate “experts” forcing you to start the process of diagnosing your sewer pipe repair problem or sewer pipe replacement all over again.

Our professional plumbers are paid by the hour, never on commission, so you can rest assured you will get professional service and advice from someone who has no interest in selling you something you don’t need. Ask yourself this simple question—Do I want a plumbing company who uses commissioned salesmen who may know little or nothing about what’s going on with my sewer repair needs, or do I want a company who has real hourly paid employees, who have years of experience and no reason to “manufacture” a problem which may cost me thousands of dollars in sewer repairs?

Drain and sewer pipe replacement are costly to repair and even more difficult to diagnose properly when a problem becomes evident.  To protect you, at Yes! Plumbing, each and every truck has a State of the Art $10,000 sewer video camera and electronic sewer pipe locator system  so that there is no doubt what’s happening in your home’s sewer or drain.  We even make a copy of the video when you need it so that you can review it with trusted loved ones or other professionals.  So when Yes! says you need a sewer repair or replacement (or don’t need one), you will know it’s a fact and not conjecture.

When your main line sewer or drain acts up and you need 24 hour sewer repair or sewer pipe replacement help, call Yes! Plumbing for the trusted, professional service our clients have come to expect in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana for the past 25 years.  Call now to speak to a live operator who can make an appointment for you right away.

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