Water Filtration & Water Purification in Illinois and Indiana

Chicagoland has the best water quality in most of the known world but it still contains stuff you would be better off without.  Yes Plumbing is an expert at water filtration & purifying water to whatever your standards might be.  And we can do simple water filtration or purify all of your home’s water.  Want whole-house RO (Reverse Osmosis) water that’s the most pure water on earth? Or would you just like turbidity and some of the bigger solids filtered out?  Maybe you’d just like like an iron filter to reduce water hardness? Not a problem. We’ll go over all of your options.

Maybe you just want a pure water system for ice, cooking and drinking.  We have point of use systems to remove just taste and odor; taste, odor and small particles; taste odor, fine particles down to 5 microns and some heavy metals; or taste, odor, dissolved iron, fine particles, lead cysts and all heavy metals, as well as turbidity and hardness. Sounds like a lot, but we’ll put your water filtration & water purification options in plain English so you can see which option is best for your home.

Yes! Plumbing is also expert at testing your water for hardness and iron as well as Ph. With this information we can recommend the proper traditional systems like water softeners, whole house particulate filters, iron removal systems and iron filters, general water filters, chlorine filters, etc.

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