Water leaks can be one of the most damaging and irritating problems to face a homeowner when dealing with plumbing maintenance issues.  From Tinley Park to Schererville, even though the materials may change due to different code requirements, the issues caused by water leaks remain the same.

The first item of business whether you reside in Frankfort or Dyer is, of course, stopping the water leak.  Unless the source of the leak is obvious, first you need to determine if the water leak is caused by a drain line or a pressurized water line.

Water leaks caused by a drain line

If you see the water leak intermittently, try to take note of what plumbing fixture you were using just prior to noticing water on the wall, floor or ceiling to see if you can pinpoint the general source location of the water leak.  This will help determine what the problem may be.  Usually (but not always) if you only hear dripping or see water leaking when you are running a faucet or flushing a toilet, etc., the leak is most likely from a drain line.

Drain line leaks are common in older homes with galvanized steel piping or cast iron pipe.  They are also common in plastic drain systems of certain materials or if initial installation was faulty such as a plastic pipe put under stress. In that case, a water leak can happen when the pipe itself or a joint finally cracks as age and stress work on the structure of the drain pipe.

Other causes of water leaks due to drain pipes include separated fittings, pipes which are cut too short during installation, improperly installed pipes or fittings, and natural corrosion of steel, rubber or plastic components.  Many fittings and pipes are sold by hardware stores and home centers which do not meet codes and usually cause failures and water leaks.  Home center materials are not required to meet local codes as the legislation involved requires that repairs be made by licensed plumbers who know the code requirements and would never purchase or install materials that do not meet code (and create the opportunity for water leaks).

Water leaks caused by pressurized water lines

The other type of water leak most homeowners may see from Munster to Mokena, are of the type caused by pressurized water lines.  Pressurized water lines are the ones that carry potable water to your fixtures. Pressurized water leaks are defined by continuously leaking water resulting in constant dripping or soaked walls, floors or ceilings.  Water leak repair of these types of leaks requires immediate attention as black mold can quickly grow. Black mold can be deadly. It is also known to cause severe lung ailments.

If you experience a soaking wet wall floor or ceiling, call us at Yes! Plumbing to refer you to a reputable mold remediation and structure salvage company which will be able to save your home with minimal intrusion or inconvenience.  They will be able to work with your insurance company, and while the cost of the water leak repair is usually not covered, the resulting damage mitigation almost always will be.

The causes of water leaks in pressurized lines can vary from damage during remodeling to faulty solder joints to corrosion of the pressurized plumbing system.  If you’ve ever experienced the need to make a water line repair due to a frozen and burst water line then you know the damage that can be done by a leaking water line.

We’ve seen water line leaks like that blow through drywall and destroy whole homes while the owners were at work or away on vacation.

Inspect water lines now to prevent leaks from the pipes outside the walls!

Keep in mind that the pipes outside the walls (like the supply tube providing water to your toilet) can also leak and create the need for a water leak repair.  Inspect your water lines now to insure that you do not have rubber, plastic or braided rubber supply tubes feeding the fixtures in your home.  We were just involved in the repair of a home in which the braided rubber supply tube feeding of the upstairs toilet burst while the homeowner was on vacation in Jamaica.  We had to pull out the whirlpool, shower bases, tubs, toilets and all lavatories so that the floor could be dried out underneath before the black mold set in.  The salvage company had to tear out most of the drywall in the home to discard of the mold that had already started to form.

Water leak repairs should never be put off and can be a health hazard as well as cause massive property damage when left unattended. Call Yes! Plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you notice the need for a water leak repair and we’ll send out a State Licensed Plumber to see that your leak repair is handled in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner (708) 847-7045.

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