When it becomes necessary to repair the kitchen sink, it’s best not to scrimp on materials or skills to ensure a trouble free and long lasting kitchen sink repair.

Remember, your kitchen sink is probably the most used fixture in the house.  Water is run multiple times daily to rinse dishes, obtain drinking water, fill pots for cooking, watering plants, making coffee or tea, etc.

Every time this is done, a little wear and tear occurs .  So when making a kitchen sink repair always use premium materials which will last a long time and just as importantly, looks good for the life of the sink.

When choosing a new faucet for example, you have two choices to make.

Choosing the right plumbing company

First, if you are not going to install the new faucet yourself, choose the plumbing company first.  There is nothing worse than finding your dream faucet and having the installation botched by some kid who works for the cheapest guy the Home Center could find so they can increase their profit.  Many times the installation will be defective and you won’t even know it.  All you will know is your pressure is too low or the pull out spray sticks when it’s halfway out or the faucet wobbles when you turn it on.  Or maybe the handles don’t seem quite right to you (we’ve seen a lot of them installed backwards).  You might even find the hot side is now on the right and cold on the left.

reputable plumbing company will have all the extra parts and pieces you may need that you didn’t know you needed in stock and on their service vehicle.  The best companies also give the best guarantees because they know the skill level of their plumbers will ensure that there are no installation issues in the future.  At Yes! Plumbing we set the industry bar with our 100% no questions asked 2-year guarantee.

You should also look at the history of the plumbing company you hire to do your kitchen sink repair.  Yes! Plumbing has been in business for over 23 years and the owner has over 40 years of experience in the industry.  There may be a new upstart company out there with good quality plumbers, but why take the risk when you can have proven expertise without risk? Finally, check the BBB rating and the Google+ ratings for the plumbing company you are considering.

Choosing the right materials

Next, after choosing the plumber for your kitchen sink repair, you then need to choose the materials.  One very important consideration is the source of the material.  You can leave it to the plumbing company, or you can choose the material yourself.  Homeowners have very limited options as far as quality is concerned.  Home centers, hardware stores, and the internet have vast offerings but there are several problems that can crop up. Since we’re talking about faucets, let’s dig a little deeper.  Yes, you can buy faucets cheaply at the home centers.  But nowhere else does the old saying “you get what you pay for” ring more truly than the products sold there.

See, home centers are all competing for your purchase.  Their marketing plan is simple.  In a nutshell, they simply scream as loudly as they can “HEY!! WE’RE THE CHEAPEST, COME OVER HERE AND GET THE BEST DEAL”.  Well, they can’t ALL be the cheapest, can they?  And how do they achieve their promise of being the cheapest?  Simple-by specifying cheap materials and cheap engineering in their products so they can sell them—you got it—CHEAP.  So that faucet you bought with the name brand on it at the Cheapot Depot is not really the same faucet you buy from the local plumber who purchases from the local wholesaler.

Do materials meet local or state code?

Not only are the materials of lower quality at the home centers, but many of the materials do not meet local or state codes.  You heard that correctly.  Much of the material sold at home centers cannot be legally installed.

Hiring a licensed plumber like Yes! Plumbing will ensure that the material used in your plumbing repair meets all state and local plumbing codes.

You then don’t have to research plumbing codes before you choose your materials.  Let your State Licensed plumber take that burden off of your shoulders.  At Yes! Plumbing, we utilize many faucets for your kitchen sink repairs that are only available through us.  These are premium faucets with lifetime cartridges and 100-year factory warranties, manufactured in a foundry on the east coast (made in the USA).  All of our kitchen sink repair parts are of premium quality also, built to withstand years and years of abuse that comes with kitchen sinks.  And our State Licensed plumbers have years of experience in the repair and replacement of kitchen sink faucets and other kitchen sink repairs, backed up by our industry-leading guarantees. We even have lifetime guaranteed faucets.

So when you consider the material choice and the installation choice together, you can come up with a kitchen sink repair that meets your needs, your budget, and the value point you desire.

Call (708) 847-7045 Yes! Plumbing now to schedule a time for our plumbers to help you with your kitchen sink repair!

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