Here are the simple facts.  According to Contractor Magazine, the average homeowner spends 5 minutes a day waiting for hot water at the shower and sinks in the home.

If you multiply that out, that’s 30 hours a year wasted waiting for hot water. What could you do with an extra 30 hours a year? Sleep a little more? Mow the lawn all summer? Think about it.

On top of that inconvenience, the water which goes down the drain while waiting for it to get hot adds up to an average of 12,000 gallons a year.  That’s 12,000 gallons on your water bill that you didn’t even use.  Not only that, but you know that line item on your water bill that’s around twice as much as the incoming water cost?  That’s the sewage disposal part of your bill and that gets charged to you just for waiting for hot water.

So you are paying for sewage costs and water costs that you are not even using.

Then there’s just the fact that clean water is a resource that’s becoming more and more scarce is being wasted every time you or a family member gets ready take a shower, wash hands, wash dishes or mop a floor.

And your dishwasher has to use lots more energy to heat the water because it comes in cold for the first few fills.

Sometimes you wash your hands and the hot water never even gets to the faucet before you are done.  But you paid to heat all that hot water that just filled up the hot water pipe while you were doing that.  And you never even got to use it. And it’s going to cool down to room temperature before you try to use it again.  What a waste!

And the larger the house, and bigger the family, the more cost, time and water is wasted.

The good news is Yes! Plumbing has the simple answer to make all these headaches disappear.  And it can be done simply and cleanly with no cutting into walls, no expensive copper pipe runs and no muss or fuss.  With guaranteed wait times of less than 15 seconds for hot water.

And our Super Saver hot water system can be programmed to run only when you want it.  So you don’t waste energy at night when you don’t really use the hot water (or in the day time if you are a night owl).

If you think you would enjoy the cost savings, convenience, and environmental benefits of one of our Super Saver hot water systems, give us a call and set up an appointment to have our State Licensed Plumber come out to your home and evaluate your plumbing system to determine the best, most cost effective solution for your family.  We have live operators standing by 24/7 (708) 847-7045.  

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