Gas is nothing to mess around with.  That’s why your gas supplier adds a very strong odor enhancer to your natural gas and propane to insure you can detect a leak before it’s too late. Here’s what to do if you smell gas.  

1) Call the Gas Supplier

If using a cell phone, go outdoors to make a call.  If on a land line with a remote handset, take it outdoors also.  Just like at the gas pump, you should never use a phone in the presence of combustible liquids or gasses.  Call the emergency number for your gas supplier.  In Northern Illinois the number for Nicor is 888-642-6748.  The emergency number for Northwest Indiana Nipsco is 800-634-3524.

2) Call 911

Always call 911 in conjunction with your call to the gas company.  Better to have emergency personnel on site before something happens rather than waiting for a pilot light to trigger an explosion before you call. Firefighters generally will enter to determine if there is a higher than normal amount of carbon monoxide or flammable gas. The gas company will enter and pinpoint the source of the gas leak. Neither of these agencies will repair the leak.  

3) Call a Licensed Plumber

The leak should only be repaired and the repair tested by a licensed plumbing contractor. Next, call Yes! Plumbing.  Our licensed plumbers are trained to repair and test gas lines.  Call us 24/7 if you smell gas (708) 847-7045.

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