1. Plumbing Quote Over the Phone

We get asked many times for quotes on everything from garbage disposers to faucets by people who are “shopping” over the internet or phone.  We would rate this as the number one mistake folks make when evaluating a plumbing contractor to hire to install a garbage disposer, faucet or any other plumbing item.  Bottom line, you are falling prey to the old bait and switch when you start off the conversation with that type of question.

More Information: Read our article on for more details of why you absolutely, positively do NOT want a plumbing quote over the phone.

2. How to Find the Best Plumber

So how DO you find a good plumber who’s not going to stay at your house all day and overcharge you for what was supposed to be a “couple of hours and 20 bucks worth of material”?  The best way is to check out the company’s credentials, like licenses, bonding and insurance.

Then find out what kind of assurances they give you that they will do a premium job for you.  For instance, do they give you a guarantee or just a warranty? A warranty is just a guarantee with all the good stuff taken out. Guarantees are unconditional. Any company that says it has a guarantee and then says things like “Restrictions Apply” doesn’t know the legal definition of a guarantee because they just changed it to a warranty when they put the first “restriction” on it. Always insist on a guarantee. If you can’t get a guarantee on materials and labor together, run the other way.  

More Information: We’ve got a few great articles with tips on finding the best plumber and what to do before scheduling a plumber

3. Questions to Ask a Plumbing Company

Since people are falling into the bait and switch players laps when they ask for a price, exactly what questions should a person ask when they call a plumber? Assuming an actual living human being answers the phone (many just have answering machines or voice mail) there are quite a few qualifying questions you can ask to help you determine if a contractor is the one you can trust to work on your home.  

More Information: We’ve create a handy list of the top questions to ask a plumbing company before scheduling a service call.

4. Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Hiring

But don’t stop there!  Just because somebody has all the right answers when you are talking to them doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being absolutely truthful.  

More Information: Here are the 4 things to ask every plumber before hiring them for a plumbing job. 

5. When Your Plumber Gets to the Door

Then when your plumber arrives, finish the job by asking for his license and proof of insurance.  Give him a full interview.

More Information: Read our complete list on what to ask for and verify when the plumber is at your house.

Remember, you are in control right up to the minute when you sign on the dotted line giving your plumber the go-ahead. What?  You say your plumber doesn’t have a written agreement to sign ahead of the work starting outlining exactly what he is going to do and what you are going to pay him?  Shame on him.

At Yes! Plumbing all pricing comes from our pre-printed flat rate book and your work is fully documented in writing before we start.

You now have a PhD in how to pick and size up a plumbing company.  If you have any questions though, you can always feel free to call us anytime (708) 847-7045.

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