drain emptying

Whaaaaat?  Never get a clogged sink?  Or tub/shower either? Is this VooDoo?

Not at all.  If you have had trouble with clogged small drains in your home and have recently had them rodded or drain cleaned professionally, you know how expensive that can be.

At Yes! Plumbing we want to ensure that our clients NEVER have to rod that drain again.  How do we accomplish that?

All it takes is our special drain maintenance non toxic bacterial product and a little one on one instruction from our trained plumbing experts. 

Our “magical” product does not open clogged drains, rather it ensures that your newly opened drain stays that way and can even bring old drains back to original condition over a period of time. It’s not unusual for a 40-year-old drain to look like it did when it was new in just a matter of months.

How does it do that?  It provides non-toxic dormant bacteria that “wake up” when you mix them with warm water. 

Of course, since they have been sleeping for a long time they are very hungry and are immediately looking for something to eat. 

What they want to eat is any carbon-based material they can find. And guess what that gunk that usually clogs your drain is based on?  You guessed it. Carbon-based. 

Hair, soap scum, grease etc. is all fodder for this drain maintenance bacteria.  And the best part is, the product is concentrated so a 2-pound canister contains enough product to treat a single drain up to 72 months. That’s right, 6 years’ worth in a 2-pound tub.

We provide a tub of this product to every client at no charge when they have us rod any sink or tub/shower. 

The only other thing it takes to keep the plumber from their door at that point is a little discipline. The client has to remember to add a scoop once a month to replenish the old dying bacteria.

Why would we want to make sure we don’t come back to make more money rodding the same drain every couple of months like most plumbers? 

Because at Yes! Plumbing we want to be your plumber of choice for a lifetime. We know how hard it is to find a plumbing company you can trust so we strive every day to ensure that we are that company. 

One way to do that is to help you make sure that you get the best value for your money and that what you’ve spent your hard-earned money on lasts as long as possible. That’s what’s known as the best value and our company culture is infused with providing that value from the top down.

If you want a plumber who believes in the Golden Rule, give us a try. We’ve been serving Illiana for over 26 years and would be happy to become your plumber of choice.

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